We have developed several applications for using Carbon nanotubes (CNTs) with extremely high purity (99.5%) and stable technical characteristics:

  • Technology of electron field emission (cold cathode) for X-ray sources

  • Technology for new generation of Energy storage (Electrode materials & Hybrid supercapacitors)

  • Additive material in 3D-printing

Our scientists have experience about 20 years in CNTs, have lots of knowledge about growing CNTs with designable features and producing CVD reactors for growing CNTs with different specification and structure, depend on needed application.

Composite materials development on the basis of CNT for electrochemical device fabrication (Li-ion batteries,  supercapacitors, solar elements)


devices- High capacity 

- Short charging time

- High power discharge

- High efficiency of solar elements


Electrovacuum devices on the basis of CNT (mini X-ray sources)


- Small size

- High efficiency


MEMS and NEMS, new applications and new developments!


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