Has more than 20 years experience in Physics science. 
 Maryna Petrychenko, CEO and co-founder
work experience in banking industry and financial management, project management. MBA @ Kyiv National Economics University by V.Getman:  Financing of Investment Project.
 Maria Korabovska, COO and co-founder

10 years experience in entrepreneurship, accountancy, business and finance consulting. MBA @ BA School of Business and Finance: Creative industry management. 

D.Sc. Alexander Okotrub, CTO and co-founder 

(+30 years experience in Physics science). Specialist in the field of spectroscopy, structure and synthesis of carbon nanomaterials. More than 300 scientific publications according to the Web of Science; co-author of 16 patents and author certificates.

Our scientists have experience more than 20 years in CNT, have lots of knowledge about growing carbon nanotubes with designable features and CVD4 reactors for producing carbon nanotubes with different specification and structure, depend on needed application. They've already did many CNT for some application (X-ray tubes, Energy storages, flat-panel displays, ionizers) and had knowledge of using emission cathodes based on oriented carbon nanotubes.