Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) Reactors

CVD4 reactors for producing carbon nanotubes with different specification and structure, depend on needed application.

“CVD 4″ model

    Main characteristics


    ●     plasmaless process, thermal synthesis (~ 800 0 C);

    ●     synthesis of carbon nanostructures at atmospheric pressure in a stream of inert gas;

    ●     aerosol spray techniques of the reaction mixture in the synthesis zone;

    ●     manipulator system  for the synthesis acceleration and extraction of the finished sample;

    ●     preparing and mixing system transport (inert) and reactive gases with a high precision;

    ●     system for data collecting, monitoring and processing to adjust parameters optimal for the synthesis of carbon nanostructures.

    Arrays of carbon nanotubes:

    ●     high density of CNTs;

    ●     high   growth rate;

    ●     obtaining long CNTs (> 7.5 mm) for electrochemical applications;

    ●     minimum dispersion  of CNT diameter;

    ●     modification and functionalization of  CNT graphite structure.

    Automatic control system (ACS) for CVD-reactor

    ●       automation of process control for synthesis of carbon nanotubes;

    ●       monitoring the physical parameters of the CVD-reactor in real time;

    ●       visualization of selected parameters of the synthesis of carbon nanotubes on a on screen display;

    ●       possibility of increasing the input-output channels number, adapting to new versions of the CVD-reactor;

    ●       providing safe shutdown of the CVD-reactor in case of emergency.